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Spray Painted Kitchen in matt grey completed in Manchester

Our Introduction

Welcome to Custom Spray Specialists

Custom Spray Specialists have worked with many customers, over the last decade, ensuring our on-site spraying service is carried out in a timely, safe and clean manner. Our spraying specialists are highly-skilled, trained to an advanced level and experienced in all manner of commercial and domestic spraying services.

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A Cheshire based company that services the North West, 
we specialise in spraying and re-spraying of your kitchen, bedroom and woodwork needs

commercial & domestic

spraying & respraying

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Wall panelling, Home bars and Office space

Grey kitchen island resprayed as part of a surface spraying project in Cheshire

spraying & respraying

Bars, Wood panelling, Display units.

Why choose spraying?

Spraying is the most popular choice for painting your woodwork by the commercial & domestic client because it offers a flawless factory finish whether it be a brand-new project or a refurbishment to your existing substrates.

Unlike hand painting, there are no flaws or imperfections in your woodwork and no brush strokes you get from a paint brush.

We have a dedicated spray booth which eliminates any such flaws and gives you that brand new flawless finish.

The paints we use are specific for busy areas such as kitchens and bedrooms, we add a hardening agent to our paints and once cured the woodwork has an enamel toughness to it, so the durability aspect can more than stand up to any area which has heavy traffic and rest assured it can withstand children and pet occurrences.

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grey spray painting service completed on a kitchen in Manchester
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